Frequently Asked Questions

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Wedding DJ Samro License in Cape Town Wedding DJ Samro License in Cape Town

Do you have a SAMRO license?

Yes, according to the laws of South Africa, we as wedding DJs and corporate DJs are obliged to have a SAMRO license. This is to ensure that artists get the royalties they deserve.

Corporate DJ Sampra License Corporate DJ Sampra License

As with the SAMRO license, all wedding DJs are obliged to have a SAMPRA license and we conform to all the rules and regulations outlined by this governing body. This license is required to play music in a public space.

Do you have a SAMPRA license?

DJ for Hire Music Selection DJ for Hire Music Selection

Will we be able to choose our own music?

You will have full control over what music gets played at your wedding. As your wedding DJ, we will compile a complete playlist based on your instructions, which you can then alter in any way, as many times as you want.

DJ Services Cape Town DJ Services Cape Town

Most definitely. That is, after all, why you choose to have a wedding DJ. If you are unsure about the type of music you should select, then we can advise you on the newest, most popular music on the scene.

Will you be able to assist us in creating a playlist?

Cape Town Wedding DJ Cape Town Wedding DJ

As both corporate and wedding DJs. we have an enormous library of music ranging through all genres and eras. If, however, you need a song that we do not own, we make the promise to go out and buy that song!

What if you don't have a song that we need?

Stellenbosch Wedding DJ Stellenbosch Wedding DJ

This is completely up to you. If you give the go ahead before the wedding that we are allowed to accept requests, then we will do so at the discretion of the DJ. Our goal for the evening is similar to your goal for the evening – keeping the party going. If we know a certain song will empty the dance floor then we will endeavor not to play that song.

Can our guests request songs to be played?

Cape Town Corporate DJ Cape Town Corporate DJ

It is always best to be prepared. Most venues have backup generators in case of emergencies, but if you are scared that power will be an issue then you can request that we bring in our own backup power. We have a wide range of options, from generators, to inverters. Extra costs are calculated on a per job basis.

What happens if a venue experience a power outage?

Stellenbosch Corporate DJ Stellenbosch Corporate DJ

Are your staff well versed with the equipment they use?

All of our staff undergo rigorous training before we allow them to form part of our active team. They are well trained in using and maintaining their DJ equipment.

Paarl Corporate DJ Paarl Corporate DJ

What if we need equipment that you don't have?

Our list of equipment on our website is by no means complete. As time goes by we will constantly be updating our equipment list by adding new items. If you need something that we don’t already own, we will endeavor to find that piece of equipment for you. Terms and conditions apply.

Stellenbosch DJ Services Stellenbosch DJ Services

In order to secure your booking, a 50% retainer fee is required. The balance will be due two weeks before your wedding day.

How does payment work?

Helderberg DJ Equipment Rentals Helderberg DJ Equipment Rentals

If you suspect that your party will continue until well past midnight, then we recommend that you book overtime in advance. Overtime booked in advance is a lot cheaper than overtime booked on the day of your wedding.

What if I need you to stay longer than agreed to?

Speaker for Hire Helderberg Speaker for Hire Helderberg

Depending on the package you chose, set-up can take anywhere from 2 hours to 7 hours. We require the venue to be available for setup at least 6 hours before your ceremony starts, to ensure that we have enough time to troubleshoot, should something go wrong.

How long does set-up take?

Par Can Lights for Hire Helderberg Par Can Lights for Hire Helderberg

We test all of our equipment once a month for defects. Other than that, we always have backup equipment onsite, as well as a backup DJ on standby, should something go wrong. We endeavor to fix the problem within 15 minutes.

What if something goes wrong?

DJ Services Helderberg DJ Services Helderberg

We have several different DJ booths available. A table with a table cloth is a strict no-no. We pride ourselves on our stylish appearance and our main goal is to turn your dance floor into a stylish club.

What about the DJ booth?

Wedding DJ Tulbagh Wedding DJ Tulbagh

What happens if the DJ needs to take a break?

Our DJ’s will sometimes require a bathroom or smoke break. However, we have extremely strict rules with regards to these breaks. Our DJ will never leave his desk during an important part of your wedding day and never for more than 5 minutes or more than once an hour. When the DJ leaves the desk, his assistant will be present to handle any requests.