The Tale

And so it was on that sepia toned day that the two brothers, Jacques and Ivan Greyling, embarked on a mission to bring high quality beats to the event industry. For years, venues mired in trestle tables and tablecloths have played home to low class mixers, outdated music and distorting speakers.

Illuminated by sub-standard lighting, these lands were the home to complacent dancers whose only escape lay in the consumption of copious amounts of free wine and champagne.

Enough was enough. They would bring an end to this the reign of tyranny and free the market to high standards of service and the excellence of top tier equipment.

Resistance was fierce and the brothers were immediately in a bad way, their style standing out like a sore thumb in a scene comprised of t-shirts and jeans. But break the mold they would, even if it meant going far beyond the call of service, working day and night to obtain their goals.

As part of the 25 Beats 1st company they were expected to portray professionalism, innovation, style and adaptability at all times and some say that is how they survived that fateful day.

Legend says that was how 25 Beats came to be,  some call it mere myth. All that is known for sure is that 25 Beats would epitomize perfection in the event audio visual market for years to come.

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